Neuer Mut // Ausstellung 18. November 2016

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Neuer Mut


eun neue Bilder

Never seen before
x rated
9 only on Friday
9 only for four hours
18.00 MEZ, till 9
If you come on Saturday – too late
Expect the unexpected

fotoK [2] Galerie
Reindorfgasse 38,
1150 Wien

a STUDIOKOSLIK production
(move your ass and your mind will follow)

and of course: Only for insiders and VVIPs
and of course: no bobos

100% analogue
large format prints
cold beer
cool music


Neuer Mut

Ausstellung 18. November 2016 um 19 – 22 Uhr
fotoK [2], Reindorfgasse 38, 1150 Wien

Muhassad Al-Ani, Vanessa    Eck, Lea Föger, Erhard Grünzweil, Nora Hollstein, Nadine Morozewicz, Mariia Sizikova, Masa Stanic, Bettina Willnauer

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